Benefits of having live indoor plants in you workplace

Studies by the University of Technology, Sydney show that plants create a healthy environment, they literally BREATHE LIFE into your workspace by absorbing carbon dioxide, producing oxygen, stabilising the humidity and removing pollutants.  Having too much carbon dioxide and not enough oxygen in an indoor work space has been linked to drowsiness and lowered concentration. VOCs are known to cause headaches, loss of concentration and eye, nose and throat problems this is known as Sick Building Syndrome. By introducing live plants to these spaces many VOC’s are removed alleviating the Sick Building Syndrome. Spaces with plants are shown to have reduced moulds and bacteria in the air.

Studies by the University of Technology, Sydney show that plants increase productivity from 15% to 32% while reducing stress. When plants are added to the workplace staff feel appreciated and valued. Staff morale is increased which is always good for business.

A research article, published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology: in September 2014, provides proof of the health benefits of plants in the office.  The article, titled “The relative benefits of green versus lean office space” describes 3 large experiments in large commercial offices in the Netherlands and the UK.  The experiments measured air quality, concentration, workplace satisfaction and objective measures of productivity.  In all experiments these outcomes were better when plants were used in the workplace.  This research is solid evidence of the importance of using well maintained plants in an office.

But the results are interesting, since they certainly suggest that removing plants from offices after staff have become accustomed to having them there, are likely to result in significant losses in productivity and job satisfaction, the costs of which may well exceed the costs of maintaining the plants.”

 Having well maintained plants in the workplace, helps to reduce stress. The University of Technology, Sydney have conducted research where two psychological survey questionnaires administered before and after three months of plant presence (or absence). Results showed plants at work helped: 37% reduction in tension/anxiety; 58% reduction in depression/dejection; 44% reduction in anger/hostility;  and 38% reduction in fatigue.


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